About the Author

I've always been a spanko.  What I haven't always been is open about it.  I'm a good girl, brought up in a pretty conservative, religious home, with about a bajillion guilt complexes - my spanking kink being but one.

I started writing at 13, and started writing to satisfy my spanking kink around the same time.  Of course, it was awful then -- I am telling you, I had like, about three (completely self invented) formulas for building sentences and I just recycled them, one after the other.  My favorite characters were plucked from bands I liked, and TV shows I watched.  I like to think my writing has improved since then, but I hold out no serious hope. ;)

I'm married now, quite a change from when I first wrote Dominic and Graeme in 2004, at 21.  Reading back on it, I can hardly stand the way I wrote then, which leads me to believe I'll feel the same way about whatever it is I'm producing now.  I just don't reread what I've written past a certain point, and I try to deny I've ever written anything other than what I'm currently writing.

Neuroses, perhaps?  I suppose.  I'm cool with it.

Sort of.

Anyhow, I love discipline fiction, spanking fiction, whatever you call it, for the way it makes me feel.  Warm and fuzzy, mostly.  Although, who doesn't love the fictional Top that can make your heart skip a beat with his flat out scary-awesome dialogue.  My favorites are Flynn (of the Falls Chance Ranch Books, by Ranger and Rolf), Damien (of Nick and Damien, by Ranger), and Gillibran Brown's non-fictional Shane (talk about scary!).

I tend to believe that I write your general, run-of-the-mill discipline fiction.  Complete with your typical, whining, bratting brats and your annoyingly over-vigilant, toppish Tops.  I know that irks some people and I can completely understand why, because it's utterly unbelievable.  These sorts of relationships and interactions simply don't happen in real life.  So, do know that I get it if you don't like what I've written or if you think it's too sappy, or stupid, or inapplicable to real life.  It's just that I like my fiction to be inapplicable to real life!  :D  I know, now I've REALLY lost you.

I just like to have an escape, you know?  I'm very easily overstimulated and overwhelmed by life at large (how "typically" brat-ish of me), so being able to escape into fiction that has no real bearing on my life in a literal way is a relief for me.  Really, an incredible relief.  If I were a brat (and I am admitting to nothing!), I would be the sort who spins out over seemingly nothing.  For reference, I often find I have a lot in common with Dale, from the Falls Chance Ranch Books.  Seriously high strung, perfectionistic, counting fence posts and everything.  He is slightly more neurotic (in a lovable and very sweet sense) than me, but I love him for being way too relate-able.

So, that's more than you ever wanted to know about me, isn't it?

I really hope you enjoy what you find here.  I love fiction as an escape from the treacherous world out there, and I hope my fiction provides you just that.  If not.. try Rolf and Ranger!  Their stories are like MAGIC.  I am so not lying.  They're literary geniuses and I would clone them ten times over and keep the clones as pets... okay, that's getting creepy, but you really should check them out if you're done over here.

I love feedback, so do feel free to shoot some my way whenever you feel like it.  The only problem is that I get super self conscious and shy, so... I'm working on that.  I promise I am.

That's all now.


Okay, bye.