Sunday, February 5, 2012

Change of email address

My yahoo mail account no longer works (yahell, anyone?).  This wouldn't matter, because (for some reason) I thought I had changed my email address here to gmail back in August.  However, in going through some things, (wracking my brain for Olivia Part 4 ideas!), I realized that I hadn't changed it.  No, indeed, somehow I had just convinced myself that I'd changed it.

Don't you love it when that happens?

Oh, please don't say it only happens to me!

So, as it turns out, I am awesome.  And, in addition to being awesome, I have also lost any email that was sent to me since August, when I posted Olivia 3.  I'm ever so, ever so sorry if I haven't replied to you.  I honestly had no idea what was going on.  Of course, immediately upon realizing what a dummy I am, I went back to check my yahoo mail, but... everything's gone haywire.

ANYWAY.  That is what's going on and, I contacted Yahoo, but we all know how that goes and I hold out little to no hope that I will be able to get back what's been lost.

I really do appreciate every bit of feedback that my readers so kindly offer and I am very sorry to have lost any that may have been sent my way between August and now.  It is sad to think about, so I am trying not to.

In other news -- and for the record -- I am trying to come up with Olivia 4.  It's just stuck in purgatory somewhere in my brain at the moment.  If you -- or anyone you know -- is the sort of person who might like to pre-read/edit/beta for me, I'd be interested (and happily surprised!).  Also, if you have any brilliant ideas, or small, seemingly insignificant ideas, PLEASE let me know.  I am driving myself to eat more chocolate muffins than a person should ever be allowed with this stupid, awful, super great story.  I do love having Olive, Judah, Charlie and Alex dancing around in my brains, it's just that sometimes, they drive me crazy.  Oh, well, such is the story of... having voices in your head?

This post is clearly going South.

I changed my email address in the sidebar.  For some reason, blogger won't let me change it in my profile.  Thank you Jesus and Buddha and everybody, because my blogger account still works.  It just seems to have affected the mail.

That's all for now.  Hopefully there will be an Olive 4 in the near future.


...cross your fingers?

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